Stephanie Hayman

I hired Katherine to create brand logos and accompanying social media designs for my web blog redesign. She was very easy to communicate with, and provided wonderful creative suggestions that played off of the direction and goals that I had initially provided her with. On top of sending me a wide array of beautifully-designed comps, she also developed a personal brand kit for me, which included specialized fonts and color treatments.

I would highlight recommend working with Katherine, as she listens to what you want and produces high-quality work -- work that I am now proud to display on my owned channels.

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I worked closely with Katherine for two years at Canon USA.  Our roles complemented each other, and I relied on her timeliness and level of organization in order to get my job done optimally and as efficiently as possible.  

Her design skills are vibrant and fresh, and she provided a new and sleek approach to banners and landing pages.  Not only does Katherine have a positive attitude, she has a strong and leader-oriented work ethic.  I would be fortunate to be able to work with her again one day in the future.

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Mrs. Arena is an amazingly talented young woman. She has a great deal of energy and passion, and has truly internalized the meaning of teamwork. While we worked together, I was constantly blown away by her clever ways to find out of the box answers to atypical dilemmas. 

Along the same lines, she works great under pressure and has no problem taking the lead when needed. A true gem. Every team would be lucky to have her.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Katherine in numerous occasions. Firstly, at Nikon as Technical Support Specialist, and later on we followed the same career path at Farmingdale State College. There we both became Orientation Leaders. With a few years of knowing her I can say for certain that it is a privilege working with someone like her.

The leadership skills, teamwork mindset, spontaneity, and attention to detail that she has can only be described as enviable. As a graphic designer, her reputation precedes her. As a team member, she is always ready to do what it takes to get the job done and take a fair share of the workload. As a person, she is someone worthy of trust and respect. 

To keep this concise, if I had a company of my own, I would make sure to have someone like Katherine on my team. I truly believe she would be a valuable asset to any organization.

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Katherine is one of the most talented designers I have had the opportunity to collaborate with. Fluent in all major software programs, and more importantly, extremely creative and intelligent. She consistently surpasses the requirements and expectations for any given challenge. I would give her the HIGHEST possible recommendation at a professional and personal level.

I had the pleasure of working with Katherine at Stream Global Services, as a Technical Support Representative for Nikon, U.S.A. Katherine is a pleasure to work with because she has a pleasant and positive attitude that can make any workplace seem fun. She always motivates her peers to be the best they can, by supporting them and helping them in any way she can.

She is a quick and eager learner, and takes any constructive criticism in the most positive way. She likes to hear the good and the bad, and is always looking for ways to better herself. She is a very good worker in a fast paced environment, as well as in a slow paced one. She can adapt to change very quickly, and is efficient to come up with a solution or idea when things change from one moment to the next. 

With her motivation and knowledge, she would be a great asset anywhere she works, and I know she can only bring positive things to those around her. I would recommend her, without a doubt, to anyone that would have the pleasure of working with her.